Details of the heart

You remember the date, of course. You remember where you were and other significant details you are expected to recall to those who weren’t present. But the moments that really stand out in your heart are the ones that are made up of the details that pulled it all together. Muscle has memory and your heart is one of the most vital muscles in your living system. I think that muscle works better, more fluid, when it is recalling the parts that most people would never ask about. The parts that are scared to you only.


Getting asked to capture this elopement was something I will forever be grateful for. I am always so humbled when I am asked to freeze moments in time that people know they will want to remember. Because, without sounding too cliché, life really does go by in a blink. One day, you’re cleaning out some boxes and you find a page of words or some dried flowers and all the memories come flooding back. And then you realize seven or nine years have passed and you’re brought back to that day. You’re suddenly brought back to a time, a day, that makes you smile. That is what life is about. It’s about coming back to those moments and remembering why it’s important to make more.


You attract what you are. Who you are. These two beautiful humans are two of the loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. So it was no surprise to hear, that although this ceremony was very private, so many people important people contributed to the details.


Her elegant dress was made by a dear friend. The ring of succulents that captured her beachy waves was also made by a loved one. And when I say beachy waves, I mean this literally. She went swimming in the ocean in the morning so that her hair would be organically salt-water-styled. When asked if she wanted it curled or brushed even, she politely declined.

I first saw her dress, hanging in the window of her cabin, minutes after I arrived.


It was breathtaking. Simple. Classic . Just beautiful.


And then later, she stepped into it. I was speechless.